Fields Notes

Age and Field Size (in yards)

U7: 30x20 - (Barron Park,) Fairmeadow, Palo Verde, Walter Hays
U8: 35x25 - (Addison,) Eleanor Pardee Park, (Fairmeadow,) Hoover School, Nixon
U9: 45x30 - Escondido, Juana Briones Park, (Hoover Park,) Peers Park
The U7-U9 teams split up for games and need two fields

U10: 60x40 Duveneck, Ohlone, (Ramos Park,) Robles Park
U11: 80x50 (not used in recent years, U11 goes to U12) - (Eleanor Pardee park, Seale)
U12 and up: 100x70 - Greer, JLS, Terman

Small and Medium Fields

Large Fields

Large fields ususally have anchored goals.
  • There is room for a 60x40 field at Fairmeadow School. We laid out two 35x25 fields there in 2005 because Addison was under construction.
  • There is room at Juana Briones School for two 35x25 fields.


    Complaints are sometimes not valid. Always check on the field yourself before taking it up with the repainters.
    One year there was a complaint: "Ref said lines at the end of the field are not clear," but to me they all looked OK: I guess the problem was this this referee just never left the center of the field.

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