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Citroën 2CV

[a Citroën car] [a Citroën car]
Citroën click to hear 2 3 is a French car brand. (Without the dieresis ('trema' click to hear) Dutch citroen click to hear 2 means 'lemon.')
In Holland, the '2CV' model is is affectionately known as de lelijke eend click to hear ('the ugly duck') or simply eend click to hear ('duck.')
[the Citroën logo] [the Citroën logo]
The Citroën logo of two chevrons and the '2CV' name led to the (maybe deliberate) misnomer deuxchevaux click to hear - French for 'two horses,' implying that the engine strength was just two horsepower (Dutch 'PK' click to hear paardekracht click to hear = 'HorsePower')
[Citroën 'Traction Avant'] [Citroën 'Traction Avant']
Citroën 'Traction Avant' (front-wheel drive) ca. 1930
[Citroën 'DS' or 'ID'] [Citroën 'DS' or 'ID']
Citroën 'DS' click to hear 2 or 'ID' click to hear 2 ca. 1960 (in French, 'DS' has the same pronunciation as Déesse, 'Goddess' - which sounds much better than Dutch godin click to hear)
De mooiste auto aller tijden click to hear 2 3 4 ('the most beautiful car [of all time] ever')
[Citroën 'DS' or 'ID' - real] [Citroeën 2CV real]
in 't echt click to hear 2 3 ['in the real'] the real thing

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